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about us

We're a New on the Scene independent small business hoping to add a creative twist on an old classic. We hope our inventive ideas, great flavors, and boutique vibe will be well received.

We'll do our best to be your favorite Shaved Ice stand!


Our expansion to bring Creative Confections showcasing New England small business makers should be ready to join is soon! Hopefully you'll join us for sugary treats that are delectable, hand crafted, and creatively curated selections from right here in New England.

Stay Tuned!


Green ice

We've done our best to keep our Ice enjoyable for everyone-even mother earth.

All of our to-go serving utensils, cups, straws, napkins, etc... are chosen to lessen our footprint.

We Only Use products made from renewable materials that are manufactured in a zero emissions facility. All of our serving products are recyclable and disposable on site on our recycling bin. Our to-go serve containers do Not contribute to deforestation or contain oil produced plastics. We carry Recycled and Recyclable & RPET and Bagasse Products. We are avid about our recycling agenda and have aspirations to move to completely compostable.


Our small but quaint mobile unit does Not operate on loud gas filled generators. This allows us to avoid exposing our neighbors and guests to uncomfortable noise, horrible fumes, and oil burning. Our little unit is a rechargeable electric self contained unit.


You may find us South of Boston and all over Norfolk County MA. - but we've even made our way to Cape Cod.  We attend Farmers Markets and Town Special Events wherever we can. We also do a number of other local events that are public such as VFW, Sports, Fairs, and Social. We love our Pop Up Locations! We list all of our locations  throughout the season! We always post where we will be! If you'd like to find us Follow Us SummerIceCompany

We do book private engagements. Please contact us directly on how to have us at your next event!

Hosting an upcoming vendor event or market? We'd love to hear about it!

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If you Seen us Last Year..Wait till you get a load of our 2023 Upgrades! Coming this Spring! Get Ready!!

We hope to become welcomed part of our community. Working within it to grow and foster long term friendships and build a strong client and customer base. 

SiC has a goal to opening a tiny boutique store front in 2024. We will continue with our shaved ice and offer other creative and delightful confections.

Keep an eye out for us!

 We can't wait to meet you!


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